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"Today the Marina's German bakery has become a role model for companies that want to inject some social action into their business."
"We specialize in German Bakery products. Also, visit our little German type Café."

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Sarah Marina's German Bakery is your friendly neighborhood bakery in the middle of El Paso's East Side. It is located at 2033 Trawood (and Lomaland) since 1982. But the tradition of this bakery is older. It was founded in 1956 on Fort Boulevard outside Fort Bliss by the German baker Mueller. Later, when he retired, Gregorio Olague bought the bakery and subsequently moved it to East El Paso. In 1998, the current owner, S. M. Groemling, purchased the bakery.

We, at Marina's, do not only serve the neighborhood, though. We cater to the German Community in Fort Bliss,and deliver to Restaurants as well as to the Commissaries in Fort Bliss and Holloman AFB.

About Us

Brad German bread has a reputation for being healthy and of good quality. This is what we at Marina's want to represent in El Paso.

Our products show a wide variety of specialty (artisan) breads and other baking goods you expect to find in a German bakery, from Broetchen (Rolls) to pastries, cookies and cakes. Our emphasis is not only on your health, we want to spoil your taste buds as well. On the following pages, please refer to the list of our current product line.

About Us

In general, we distinguish our breads by the varying content of Rye or Wheat flour and then, by other special ingredients like grains or seeds. All loaves weigh 1 1/2 lbs. unless otherwise stated. Please let us know if you want the bread sliced.

*Marked products are not available every day or may need to be ordered.

Roggenbrot (Light Rye) really has the wrong name but it is so well known among our customers that we don't dare to change the name. According to German regulations bread with this name should have 90% or more content of Rye flour. Our Roggenbrot has only 23% of Rye flour and 77% of Wheat flour. But people like it a lot.

Bauernbrot (Farmer's Bread) has 40% of Rye flour and 60% of Wheat. The strong flavor of this bread comes from the large content of Rye sourdough.

Doppelback (Double baked Bread) is made out of the same dough as the Bauernbrot but it is baked in a form so the slices are square. Mainly used for sandwiches.

Schwarzbrot (Heavy Rye) has 70% of Rye flour and 30% of Wheat and has round shape. This is currently the bread with the largest content of Rye flour.

Simonsbrot (Whole Grain Bread) is for Seed lovers and could be called our "healthy Bread". It has the following ingredients: Rye flour 60%, Wheat flour 40%, whole rye grains, Flax seed, Sesame seed, and Sunflower seed. The top is decorated with oat meal. This bread is made without yeast.

*Sunflower Seed Bread is a fluffy light bread with Sunflower seeds. 30% Rye Flour, 70% Wheat.

*Buttermilk Bread has 35% Rye Flour and 65% Wheat flour. As the name indicates, it is made with buttermilk. It is probably the finest tasting bread we bake.

*Dinkelbrot (Spelt Flour Bread) is a more recent specialty. Spelt is a very old grain out of which today's wheat was developed. It is considered to be very healthy.

*Sun City Bread (so called to honor the "Sun City" El Paso) has 60% of Rye and 40% of Wheat. Other ingredients are Sunflower Seed and Walnuts. It has a special flavor due to the spices it contains (Frankonian spice mix).

Flax Sesame Bread has 34 % of Rye flour and 66 % of Wheat flour. You recognize it by the Flax Sesame mixture on top. It is baked in a box form. It is the new secret of healthy food lovers.


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